MS CRM 4 System Settings

Some quick tips about setting up MS CRM System settings.

Don't forget to change Current Format for you current format which in my case is Portuguese (Portugal).

If you wish to switch off the tracking token you should go to the e-mail tab and uncheck Use Tracking Token. You couldn't do this with MS CRM 3.0. This is a great new feature! Don't worry because you will be able to track your CRM related e-mails using the MS CRM Dynamics Client for Outlook.

I also set the auto-unsubscribe option. This feature was also available at MS CRM 3 release but now you can also set a template e-mail to automatically confirm the unsubscription. Just keeps getting better! The Send Marketing Materials is one of me the most important fields for CRM contacts and accounts because when you launch a campaign you should allways check if your customers wish to receive Marketing Materials or not. You can do that when creating the Marketing List and choosing the right conditions of the filter: Send Marketing Materials = Yes.

Here you can check or uncheck the Application mode. This is also a new and welcomed feature that will let choose if you want your CRM browser window to show the address bar or not. If you have a lot of activities and customers I would advise to open MS Dynamics under the Application mode.

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