MS CRM 4 Data Migration Manager (DMM) finally working

MS CRM 4 DMM (Data Migration Manager) as I mentioned in previous posts is quite demanding regarding its installation and configuration.

I finally managed to get it working on a client computer but for that I had to let the DMM's installer to also install a local instance of SQL Server Express. Everytime I tried to use a remote SQL Server 2005 instance he gave me troubles with permissions. So I decided to let him create a local database and now it's finally working. Although this is not the configuration that I desired for testing purposes it will have to do.


  1. I use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Migration Manager

    after I sign in when I want to Start a Migration or Manage data Maps

    alert error:Data could not be retrieved from the database.Try again later

    and than I can do nothing How can I do

  2. That sounds like a permission/security issue. I can't help you based on your comment but I can warn you that DMM is very sensitive regarding its installation. It's very important to read and follow the instructions and suggested configurations.

  3. What is Data Migration Manager? What does it do?