CR what?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) "is a customer-centric business strategy with the goal of maximizing profitability, revenue, and customer satisfaction.[1]

Technologies that support this business purpose include the capture, storage and analysis of customer, vendor, partner, and internal process information. Functions that support this business purpose include sales, marketing, customer service, training, professional development, performance management, human resource development, and compensation.

Technology to support CRM initiatives must be integrated as part of an overall customer-centric strategy.

Many CRM initiatives have failed because implementation was limited to software installation without alignment to a customer-centric strategy.[2]" as one can read at wikipedia.

I wanted to share this piece of information with you because it's one of the best CRM definitions I have read so far. It also states very clearly that CRM is not just another software suite: it's a business strategy supported by technology like Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 and others (Siebel/Oracle, SAP, Salesforce.com).

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