And let the fun begin: customization!

My first customization was really simple and logical. Being MS CRM 4 a strategic marketing tool I don't get why there isn't a tab called Marketing at the Contact form. Create, Save and Publish! Don't forget to Publish!

I'll just add the Marketing Information fields from the Administration tab here and create my customers preferences using a new bit attribute. It'll be easier for marketeers to create marketing lists if you use bit based preferences rather than creating a new entity called preferences. Now it's even easier to create attributes one after another thanks to the Save and New button for attributes. Another warning: by default the order of the bit values is No and Yes and if you check system attributes the order is Yes and No.

The last finding will only affect the order of the values. Check out Preferences attributes (custom) versus Send Marketig Materials (system attribute). To improve the user experience you should present the new attributes respecting the system order (Yes/No). The worst part of this is that you can't change the order (Move up or Move down) once the attribute is created. You need to unpublish it (remove it from the form then publish) and then you can delete it and create it again (create, add to form, publish). Boring! So be carefull!

Microsoft if you're listening please change de default bit attribute order! Well, if I don't shout I will never get it so I guess it's better to shout than not to.

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