Mission Statement

This blog was created with the main purpose of sharing thoughts, problems, solutions, news and links related to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 from a dummy to dummy perspective.

Although I don't see myself as a MS CRM dummy I realized that most of the information I find across the internet about MS CRM comes from Microsoft or Microsoft partners. Being so, it's quite easy to find MS CRM propaganda like brochures and demos and MS CRM Knowledge Base articles. What it isn't so easy to find is an unbiased or not so technical source of information regarding Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 and that's what I would like to offer you with this CRM 4 Dummies blog. The name itself says everything: (MS) CRM 4 (version) Dummies (IT or CRM aware people like you and me). This funny name will probably give me a few extra hits because it's similar to the name of the yet to be released Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 For Dummies book.

I work as an IT Project Manager in the hospitality and real estate industry and I recently lead a MS CRM 3.0 project implementation. I'm currently setting up my MS CRM 4 development environment in order to evaluate it properly. It has been quite an adventure so I will write you about it very soon!

As this blog will try to be not too technical I will offer you links to more technical and/or official sources. Check out the Useful Links section.

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