Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Connector for SQL Server Reporting Services Issue

This long name component "Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Connector for SQL Server Reporting Services Issue" gave me a long time trouble to install. I got this error message "Unable to validate SQL Server Reporting Services Report Server installation". As I had followed all the steps and recomendations mentioned on the installation guide I didn't know what was causing that unexpected behavior.

I googled a little and I found this KB article (KB947060) about it. The problem occured because I was trying to install the MS Dynamics CRM Connector for SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services on a named instance of SQL Server 2005 RS and it seems the installer doesn't behave as it should under these conditions.

The KB gave me two possible resolutions but only one applied to my situation: Method 2: Modify the Install-config.xml file. The steps needed to solve this issue are well explained in the KB article. If you're running SQL Server 2005 on a AMD 64 platform don't forget to copy the SrsDataConnector files from the drive:\Server\am64 folder instead of the suggested drive:\Server\i386. I sent a feedback to Microsoft about this tiny detail.

After modifying the install-config.xml file for the SrsDataConnector I finally ran the SetupSrsDataConnector.exe /CONFIG path of the folder that contains the Install-config.xml file\install-config.xml command and managed to finish the installation successfully.


  1. Hi , I followed the same steps and successfully configured the data connector but in the data source i am not getting the option Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Connector , i reinstalled and uninstalled nothing helped , do you have any idea , because i am getting Reporting error when run from CRM , but the reports are working fine from the URL

  2. Would like to help you but I posted this 3 years ago and I really don't recall what was wrong and how I would be able to help you. Sorry for that.