Social Product Launch

Guy Kawasaki shares his insights and I'll add (my comments):

  1. Make a Facebook Fan Page (obvious)
  2. Website (complement Facebook, risk management, rich media)
  3. Review copies (go for the pros and for social "nobodies")
  4. E-mail marketing (still relevant)
  5. Pay Per Click (not a big fan of this "traditional approach" but it's always on the table)
  6. Photo contest (make it fun, engage with audience, there are apps for that... Really: http://www.strutta.com/)
  7. Quizzes
  8. Infographic (I really believe in this one because I like to explain the value/change in a simple and clean way)
  9. Badges, Banners, Buttons and Stickers (I have don something similar and will do more often)
  10. Wallpapers (Why not?)
  11. PowerPoint (Sure! Yes! Make an effective and rich PPT and put in SlideShare. Reuse it!)
  12. Thank you slideshow (promote your team... When you have one!)
Overall the insights are useful and match what I do/recommend to my friends and colleagues.

Which social media personality are you?

I would say I suffer from social multiple-personality disorder because I identify myself with all the personalities. However, I would say my visible personalities are somewhere between:

  • "The Trainer/Teacher - Being a great teacher is a gift, and not many people truly have it. If you are a natural trainer or teacher, you have the ability to make complex ideas that are part of social media easy to understand. After listening to your direction, someone new to using the tools and thinking about social media will feel dramatically more comfortable using the tools and (most importantly) why they should even bother."
  • "The Evangelist [Added 03/24] - Often in the role of speaking for a brand and putting a human face on an organization, the Evangelist is the person who uses social media to promote a belief, product or organization. For this individual, social media is a way to share content and engage in conversations about something they are passionate about. As some readers pointed out, this could also be someone who preaches the use of social media internally within an organization."
If you are curious about yourself read the full article here. FYI: There are 12 personality types.


CRM hands on

The videos don't work properly. Please head on to http://www.slideshare.net/SergioLegrant/crm-hands-on if you'd like to see some Salesforce.com, Zoho and SAP CRM interesting videos.

CRM has gone social

I'm back!

A couple of weeks ago I gave a lecture about Social CRM. I thought it was good idea to share it with the world using this "old" blog. It looks like Google is preparing to refresh blogger with new views and hopefully new social features. That will be welcomed. Everything is going social now, including CRM as I'm going to show you on my own CRM has gone social presentation.