Facility/Equipment Import Wizard Issue

Whenever I try to import facility/equipment entities using the import wizard I get an error related with a missing column/attribute: "unmapped required columns: 1" (image below).

The missing column/attribute name is Calendar and the Reason states the following: "Error: unmapped mandatory column" (imagem below).

The "Calendar" attribute (image below) is a system required attribute of the Facility/Equipment entity and its description is the following: "Fiscal calendar associated with the facility/equipment.".

I haven't set my Fiscal Calendar yet because I read at the Implementation Guide that one can do it only once and in order to work with Sales Quota. I'm guessing I don't need to set it for now because when I mannually create a Facility/Equipment I don't get any kind of Fiscal calendar related error. I'm guessing I have to bypass this issue some how... I will post this at Dynamics Forums, perhaps someone already has been over this.

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