Duplicate Detection Rule Detects Phantom Contacts

I'm running a simple duplicate detection rule for contacs with the same e-mail address. I'm getting phantom duplicates: I get a duplicate (top list) but no potential duplicate record (bottom list). Instead of the bottom list I get this warning "Potential duplicate records: None". The image below shows a phantom duplicate: the selected active record has "Potential duplicate records: None".

After some investigation I realized that there was a previously deleted record (2 days ago) with the same e-mail. The deleted record exists only in the MS CRM DB and its DeletionStateCode equals 2! However my duplicate detection rule still sees him. I believe it shouldn't!

MSCRMAsyncService which as I read is supposed to handle the deletion of records ir running but doesn't delete anything... Very very strange!

I made a post about it at Microsoft Dynamics' Forums.


  1. Hi Sergio.

    I have the same problem. Have you solved it?

    I'am searching a solution to this issue but i still not found anything.


  2. Hello Simón! Sorry for the late answer. It has been quite a while since I had to face that problem and I can't recall exactly what I did. Have you tried the lastest rollups? I believe I hacked the DB and removed the e-mail so I would'nt get duplicate warnings. But this is not how you should do it. Be careful if you try to solve it like this. Regards, Sergio.

  3. hi
    i have this problem too.
    and i need to solve it. can you help me to solve that?
    my email address is : mojtabad@gmail.com
    please contact me.

  4. Hello motjaba, I did I as told Simón! I changed the e-mail data on the the deleted record. Regards!