TDS08: My notes about "Monetising Web 2.0 – Who now controls your customer’s online buying behavior?"

[My own comments in brackets]

  • Blake Chandlee, Facebook
    –People use Facebook to connect with friends and family. Connecting means sharing (news, reviews, photos…). [And influencing…]
    –People are spending more time in social media websites than e-mail; [Perhaps that’s why Gmail is becoming more and more social…]
    –Number of Facebook users is larger than many countries.

  • Daniel Robb, Google UK
    –10% of queries are travel related and of these 16% are hotel related;
    –Google queries [or Hot Trends] can be used to predict demand; [Interesting idea since you can easily get this data.]
    –On average before booking people perform 12 queries and visit 22 websites during 29 days; [Interesting numbers…]

  • Ian McCaig, lastminute.com
    –Selling implies someone is willing to buy (be careful when/who you send your marketing message). [I couldn’t agree more.. It’s called relevancy!]
    •Tom Griffiths, gapyear.com
    –Passionate people make web 2.0; [and they influence others]
    –Passion sells products; Web 2.0 elevates “amazing”; [Passionate people tend emphasize extreme feelings like love or hate.]

  • Richard Lewis, Dutco Group
    –Customers who wish to share their own comments/suggestions/reviews will post them anywhere. For instance Tripadvisor is just a click away…]
    –If your website enables your customers to post them there perhaps you can manage them better/easily.

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