IT Meets Marketing, IT Marries Marketing

Recently I read a very interesting article about Web Marketing Strategy by Brad Beiermann from Cimstrat Inc..

Brad states that "Interactive online marketing is here to stay and will only grow larger in the foreseeable future. Getting the marriage between IT and marketing to meet the needs of online interactivity will be a key ingredient for many organizations. And at the heart of this marriage exists the need to integrate the IT resources into the marketing creativity process.". I couldn't agree more with him! When I was flying back from TDS08 in London I was thinking about that while reading Kotler's Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism.

You can read the full article here.

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  1. I just read the article by Brad Beiermann and I also agree him. I think he nails it in this article. Getting the IT folks integrated into the marketing process continues to be a challenge. It seems these two groups are two different personalities with completely different interests and dynamics. It's like getting Mr. Spock to shack up with Madonna. I think there are certainly training issues with both of these camps. The mix of goals is way off balance. Many schools are still trying to teach marketing and advertising like it is still 1972. Likewise, the IT content isn't much better as there is a real gap in understanding Web marketing strategies.