TDS08: My notes about "Find Out Which Loyalty Marketing Trends and Innovations Are Fuelling Increased Customer Retention"

[My own comments in brackets]

  • Rob McDonald, Hilton Hotels Corporation
    –Customers expect rewards and/or recognition from loyalty programs;
    –Loyalty programs should be seen not as a cost but as investment [towards customer retention. On average it’s more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one].
    –Clear metrics should be defined to measure ROI for loyalty programs;
    –Partnerships help bring new customers.

  • David Oliver, Hertz Europe
    –Trends: User Generated Content (UGC)/Social Media/Word of Mouth (WOM)/Viral Marketing/Viral games;
    –Important online social media/networks/websites to watch/engage: Bebo (UK), Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Wikipedia, Tripadvidor, Blagger, Flicker.

  • Peter Wray, CM4P
    –Trends: customers empowerment = customers in control;
    –Challenges: Card = Community? Customer = Fan?
    –Facts: Coalition loyalty programs enhance rewards and program adoption.

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