Chroming the Web

I spent last night Chroming or, in other words, browsing the web using Google's new web browser that goes by the name of Google Chrome. I myself coined this Chroming expression because I think the browsing experience offered by Google Chrome and its own features (brilliant feature presentation!) are distinct enough to call it a different thing. 

After Chrome nothing will be the same and Microsoft and Mozilla among others will have to work harder to match up to Chrome's UI and features. Chrome isn't perfect though! For now it lacks some useful plug-ins (I'm thinking about Remember the Milk plug-in) and there are some know issues but you have to remember it's still in beta. I'm also missing the my bookmarks which I managed with the help of Google Toolbar (for Firefox and IE). 

I browsed (or "Chromed") a lot of websites to check Chrome's performance and almost all of them displayed fast and accurate but I wasn't able to play Miniclip's games. But now that I think of it I also had problems with Adobe's Shockwave Player and my Internet Explorer and Firefox. What is wrong with Shockwave? A couple of friends I've asked also complained about Shockwave issues with IE and Firefox. Nevermind that, I also tried to run Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 (this is a CRM blog!) and as I expected it refused to run... I tried though! This is just another issue alternative browsers (non-IE browsers) will have to face because most internet pages are optimized for the not so compliant IE. Microsoft promises to change that with the upcoming IE8 which will be standards-compliant and which I will also download one of this days. Right now... I'll just keep Chroming the web! 

This post was written using Google Chrome!

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